• Rosario Monteverde

    Rosario Monteverde

    Co-founder at GPSGAY & PRO Internacional. It is, at the very least, such an exciting time to be alive!

  • KYTE


  • François BAYART

    François BAYART

    Openmind, sysadmin, linux, debian, freedom / A-Kaser

  • Pieraldi


    Business Model_Technology Evangelist

  • Sean Byrnes

    Sean Byrnes

    CEO @outlierai, helping leaders become data driven. Founder of @FlurryMobile. Active Startup Advisor, Father, Volunteer, Artist.

  • Sayo Martin

    Sayo Martin

    Writer. Poet. Musician. Alchemist in Training. SVP of Marketing and Head of One Day Studio @ TFA.

  • DT Partnering

    DT Partnering

    We co-create the next big telco technologies together with Deutsche Telekom’s partners from across the globe, to create unique customer experiences.

  • Domenic Merenda

    Domenic Merenda

    Angel Investor; Early Member of Python Core Team at BeOpen PythonLabs (versions 1.6 to 2.x); Enterprise SaaS Expert; Startup Advisor; living the Silicon Valley

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